Saturday, February 7, 2015

Day 6 - Heading Home

Our last day at sea

The day started out with Aunt Cathi winning the "I Love Lucy" trivia contest

We celebrated her win with a drink at the Red Frog Pub 

The day ended with our waiters singing during dinner

2 of our guys: Alexander and Vladimir

Vladimir, some old broad, Alexander, Aunt Cathi and Rupert

Our last towel - which was perfect because we had a "lovely" trip

Day 5 - Pancho's Backyard and Other Things

We had lunch at place called Pancho's Backyard.  I loved the decor.

And the food was good too (Yes, Aunt Cathi drank a beer!)

The is the ship that was at the other port - it is supposedly the largest cruise ship in the Gulf.  It has 2 atriums, circus acts and who knows what else.  It is one big honkin' boat.

More dancing at dinner time!

Friday night's towel (it's either a swan or the Loch Ness monster)