Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Before We Head Home

The days flew by - it was amazing - the trip of a lifetime. So sorry Basil that you weren't here, or maybe not.

We have an early, early wake up call tomorrow - have to be in the water taxi at 5:15 am. We fly to Madrid have a 2 hour layover and then we'll be home late Thursday afternoon.

Thank You Jeanne and Brad for making this dream come true for us.

Thanks for reading the blog and posting your comments.

Arrivederci fina al promissimo viaggio

Wednesday, Our Last Day In Venice

It was a foggy morning, but cleared out by the afternoon.  Cathi had her first vaparetto ride as we headed for the Rialto Bridge area this morning. For some reason, I didn't take any pictures while we were there.  We had lunch at Harry's Bar again, this time met the son of the original owner, Cathi's got a picture of us with him.  And we found the spot for the picture Kara asked us to replicate.

Could barely see see the church across the lagoon from my balcony this morning.
Cathi at the bar in Harry's Bar (note all the glasses lined up for Bellinis that are ordered for lunch - including mine.
Here's the picture Kara
Oh look a picture of me

For The Benefit Of Brad Richards

Composer Antonio Vivaldi was born and found his success in Venice, specifically in the neighborhoods where we are staying. He worked at the Metropole Hotel which is a couple of doors down, and the church that he associated with as concertmaster La Pieta, is also nearby.  So I now present a picture of the Metrpole Hotel as well as 2 pictures I took "under cover" inside La Pieta (another "no photos" church - if I wind up,in jail I am calling you Brad for bail).

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday Evening: Back At Cafe Florian

Cathi contemplates all the delicious menu options.

Our choices: coffee with chocolate and "crema" and Irish Coffee

[Insert your own caption here]

Th-th-th-that's all folks!

Sighing on the Bridge of Sighs because tomorrow is our last day here

The Gondola Ride

Everyone knows these sandal wearing feet in the Gondola
The views were spectacular 
Oh No! A Gondola traffic jam, so much better than the ones on I-30. 
Cathi making friends with the Gondolier

Eleanor Breaks A Rule At Santa Maria Gloriosa Dei Frari

Almost all the churches I've visited do not allow you to take pictures inside the building - even if you are not using a flash, and they are pretty serious about it.  But Tuesday morning, I broke that rule at Santa Maria Gloriosa Dei Frari: as you can see the outside of the church is plain - the inside is unbelievably beautiful. I took these pictures "under cover"  - I  was one of the first people in the church that day and photo patrol wasn't out yet.  By the way the Frari in the title refers toy he Franciscan order of priests who built the church, not the car.

Tuesday's Scenery

Finally!  I can upload some pictures. A few more scenes from Venice streets.  I've got hundreds of them (literally).

I'd say Pope Francis is pretty popular - found this on menu board outside a trattoria (translation : "you can taste the goodness in simple things")

Tuesday - No Pictures

For some reason the internet gremlins are not allowing me to upload photos tonight.
That's too bad, because we finally took a Gondola ride this afternoon, yes we enjoyed it (except for the part where I fell into the Gondola as we were boarding). I'm OK - just bruised ego.

I'll see if I can load some pictures tomorrow morning.

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