Friday, May 30, 2014

Dinner At Compass Rose

Had dinner at Compass Rose in the U street district last night. It's billed as street food from  around the world - and it was really good. My dinner was an appetizer of 3 dips and pita chips (crushed olive dip, humus and roasted sweet pepper dip) main course - a Brazlian dish of whole shrimp in some kind  delicious sauce and roasted pineapple.

P.S. The blog is doing that crazy thing - When Impost more than 3 pictures it won't let me put a caption on the 4th picture:  this is a view of the type of homes in the neighborhood where I had dinner - just beautiful!

The Compass Rose

Inside the restaurant 

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  1. So who is the guy in the restaurant? Hmmmmmm -