Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Countdown: Am I Ready?

I've started counting the hours and minutes: 44 Hours, 25 minutes (as of the time I write this).

But, back to the major question - am I ready? Or have spent too much time worrying about the M*A*S*H unit aka my team -The Texas Rangers. I don't feel so bad about missing their home opener since it will actually be a Triple A squad (with all the regulars on the DL) Or have I spent too much time brooding about Will Gardner's demise on "The Good Wife" - Josh Charles is the reason I started  watching that show - if they kill off Alan Cummings (Eli Gold) or send him to jail: I'll be done with them.

Who am I kidding - I have checklists all over the place, and even "practice" packed my suitcase Sunday night (just making sure I'm not over thinking what I will need) Of course I am ready.  Now all I have to contend with is a 7am meeting Wednesday (thanks a lot Natalie) which will make for an even longer day at work tomorrow. Then it's arrivederci Texas!

And it's now 44 hours 15 minutes ......

Anxious Eleanor

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