Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Doge's Palace or How We Wound Up In Prison

The Doges were the somwhat figurehead rulers of Venice during it's reign over the seas and trade. The Doge's Palace is almost next door to our hotel -so we had to visit the palace.  It's a place of great splendor, intimidation through art and a maze of prison you don't want to get caught in (like we were).

The Grand Staircase into the palace with the statues of greek gods at the top - to remind you of the power within this palace.

One of the many ornate entry ways into the palace.

Cathi in the prison yard. - we  still hadn't found our way out.


  1. You are taking great pictures El!


  2. Cathi - get out...Will is not there to help you!!! Oh and I love the purse!!