Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Countdown: I'm Making A List, I'm Checking It Twice

There is paper flying all over Czajka Secret World HQ tonight. Boarding passes are printing, to do lists, to pack lists, and last minute "don't forget lists".

The suitcase is 98% ready (a couple of the don't forget list items go in tomorrow) I'm pretty proud of myself - not overpacked - room to bring home a few things :)

Boarding passes printed and ready, movies downloaded on the IPad for Cathi, plenty of Werthers hard candies in the purse for my inevitable coughing during quiet times.  Camera charged up and ready to take pictures of Cathi on plane (as some have requested).

This road trip that Gondola Trip is ready to shove off.  The next time I write we'll be living the dream in Venice.

No Sleep Tonight!


  1. ok signore, si comportano sul piano. Viaggio sicuro. Ti amo entrambi
    XOXO - KO

  2. Very excited for you and Cathi. Safe travels, and we'll be keeping up with your adventure.