Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Day 3 - Part 3 - A Few More Jamaica Pictures

Our guide is standing under a Jackfruit tree.  Their fruits are huge (can grow up to 50-60 pounds) and apparently do not smell too good when they fall to the ground and open up.


Some beautiful orchid like flowers growing on a tree.

The view from the highest part of the plantation.  When we got there at the end of the tour we had terrific lunch that featured jerk chicken.

Speaking of jerks - here I am - it was windy (which explains my weird hat look)

We headed back down the mountain on that same bumpy road - it was the equal of any roller coaster ride I've ever rode.

This was the band playing near the gangway as we got back on the ship.

Farewell Jamaica - I really hope I can visit again someday.

A little shot of limoncello after dinner

Our stingray towel and it's time for bed!

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