Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Day 4 - Part 2 - Meanwhile Back On The Ship....

 I won the "name that Beatles song" trivia contest - in the end there was "playoff" the song that won it for me was Blue Jay Way (from second side of the Magical Mystery Tour album for all you vinyl owners out there.)  I'd like to thank John, Paul George, Ringo and the biggest Beatles fan of all ,my Mom, for this award.

While at dinner - our table mates Brenda and Becky danced with another one of our waiters - Vladimir.

If you were wondering - this is what our cabin looked like (coming in from the hallway)

This is the view from the porthole to the door.

It's a nice room and it has 2 bathrooms (which in my opinion makes up for not having a balcony)

Here's the towel creature that greeted us Thursday night -  I think it's a shrimp.

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  1. The folded towels just crack me up! - Helen